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About Ivor K. Hill
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Ivor's story found its beginning when his parents bought him a toy castle. It had a portcullis, turrets, and drawbridge. Then his granddad made him a wooden sword and shield; the blade painted gold, the shield white. Little wonder that he was soon reading David Gemmell, Robert Jordan, and Raymond E. Feist when not playing Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Later, Ivor found his artistic outlet in music. However, he eventually accepted that becoming a successful musician requires talent in that arena, so instead obtained a PhD in the social sciences.


After developing a physical impairment during COVID lockdown, he sought a new outlet and found it in writing. His fiction is shaped by his interest in power, reconciliation, and mental health; spurred by his upbringing in post-conflict Belfast and alloyed with his love of knights, monsters, magic and computer games.


He has attended creative writing courses at the University of Glasgow and Strathclyde University, and regularly participates in the Glasgow Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Circle.

Living in Scotland, Ivor has the privilege of spending his time with a wee Scottish lassie, two chinchillas, and a collection of neglected musical instruments. And somewhat less neglected gaming consoles, PC, and mountain of associated paraphernalia. Oh yes, and a few books.

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